How can I send plaintext emails?

To preserve newlines in transactional emails, you can use the HTML tag `<br/>` instead of relying on actual newlines. This will ensure that the formatting is maintained in the email body.

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A year ago

When I use the transactional email API to send a message, all the newline characters got trimmed out. So the text in the body of the request looked like:

Hi there,



but the resulting email I received looked like: Hi there, Foo. Sincerely, Us

How can I have the message preserve the newslines as plaintext?

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A year ago

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Email bodies in Plunk are automatically treated as HTML. If you want to use new lines then you will have to use <br/>

Hello <br/>

How are you doing

You can keep the actual new lines for formatting and making it easier to read but they are not necessary



A year ago

Got it, thanks